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Courmayeur: the snow queen

Beautiful Courmayeur sits amid the majestic peaks of Mont Blanc, jutting upwards to embrace the pure blue skies. The town has a long and fascinating history. In Roman times, people mined gold concealed in quartz here. In the Middle Ages, a church gave the town the beginnings of the name by which it is known today – Curia Maior, meaning the place of the parish – which over time has evolved into Courmayeur. The village grew on the slopes of the giant, at the confluence of two valleys, traversed by the Dora Baltea river which brings water to the valleys and glaciers. The natural landscape is alive with vibrant colors and emits a magical aura.


And yet for centuries the mountain was considered a wilderness to be crossed with difficulty and fear. Over time, the charm of the Alps started to attract travelers, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, all of whom were driven by a thirst for knowledge, the thrill of a challenge and the desire to discover this unexplored beauty. The granite cliffs of Mont Blanc were in fact where the earliest mountain climbers embraced the challenge, writing many epic pages about conquering its peaks. In the meantime, enthusiasts for another winter sport – skiing – found the perfect place to get their adrenaline rush. The small village hidden among the mountains became a well-known and desired place, the snow queen, sitting on the slopes of the giant.


Courmayeur hosts a wide range of events during both the winter and summer seasons, including gastronomic get-togethers serving up the best of the Valle d’Aosta’s culinary tradition, photography competitions dedicated to the mountain and internationally renowned sporting events:




• Welcome winter, an event celebrating the winter season
• Golden Skate Awards, ice-skating gala hosting international champions


• Taste of Courmayeur, a gourmet event where you can taste the finest dishes from Valle d’Aosta tradition


• Click On The Mountain, photography competition
• Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience




• Tor des Géants endurance trail


• La Mont Blanc Grand Fondo bicycle race


• Courmayeur Loves Summer Kids & Junior

Nowadays Courmayeur also offers the joy of shopping on historic via Roma, where tradition and Italian style come together. The narrow streets of the center emit the timeless charm of artisanal boutiques, chic designers and world-class fashion labels.