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Mont Blanc

The sky’s the limit

Mont Blanc is the highest point in Europe, the giant of the Alps. An immense landmass that spans three countries and reaches up to 4,810m altitude. The history of mountain walking and climbing was written here, in the numerous cliffs and pathways crisscrossing the peaks. Wonder, the marvelous wonder of nature is everywhere – on the slopes, the walk ways, the stupendous valleys and the peaks offering awe-inspiring views of the Alps that make the climb worth it. At the foot of the mountain sits beautiful Courmayeur where, just outside the town, sits a world of verdure, an invitation to experience silence and relaxation immersed in nature.

Mont Blanc in the summer
The natural wonder of the Alps
In summer Mont Blanc reveals its friendlier side. Each step into the alpine landscape offers something new and wonderful to gaze at in astonishment – expanses of green that stretch as far as the eye can see, dense and fragrant woodland with dappled light falling on the leaves, lakes and crystal-clear springs. Walking and cycling paths take you deeper and deeper into the spectacle. A world in of itself, where there is always somewhere to explore, always a stunning view to enjoy, always an infinity of wonderment to experience.
Mont Blanc in the winter
Spectacular peaks of beauty
Mont Blanc is an immense mass, a giant demonstrating the awesome power of nature. The caps, perennially covered in a fresh blanket of snow, dominate the range. Sharp and jagged crests cut clean profiles into a background of intense blue. Ascending upwards, the view becomes increasingly breath-taking and grandiose, with a succession of peaks breathing in the fresh air and slopes falling steeply towards the valleys.