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Summer at Courmayeur is pure paradise if you love being immersed in nature. There is nothing quite like breathing in the summer mountain air as you amble down pathways winding through the green woods and prairies.

Courmayeur offers a wealth of summer activities, from the countless routes for trekking, mountain biking and climbing to adrenaline-pumping sports like rafting and kayaking in the Dora river. Not to mention the excellent spots for fly fishing, and the wine and food tours complete with tasting sessions at the best local vineyards. There really is something for everyone.

A mountain without secrets
Discovering the true spirit of the mountain takes you on a journey through tradition and history to find hidden and unexpected gems. Like the Balteo Cammino with its age-old pathways punctuated with picturesque villages, churches, sanctuaries and castles, the Roman town of Aosta with its millennia of history, ruins and buildings, or the artistry of artisanal products that date back centuries. Discoveries that everyone will enjoy.
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A magical climb from Courmayeur 3,466 metres up to the panoramic viewing platform of Pointe Helbronner. Skyway Monte Bianco is a state-of-the-art cable car with full-window circular cabins that slowly rotate all the way, giving you 360-degree views. It's like flying, bump-free, from downhill up to the top, where you'll find a spectacular viewing platform that's the ideal place to observe the highest peaks of the Alps on all sides. Our guide will accompany you up to the intermediate stop at Pavillon du Mont Fréty where you'll visit the beautiful botanical garden and the high-altitude winery, the only one to make wine 2,200 metres up a mountain. You'll then carry on up to Pointe Helbronner, with its permanent exhibition of crystals, as you enjoy the wonderful landscapes that pass before your eyes.
The ultimate thrill of paragliding in total silence through the clear blue sky of Mont Blanc. Our instructors will paraglide with you, piloting and making sure you are safe at all times, with consummate professionalism. They'll choose the right moment, they'll assess the weather, they'll decide the launch point on the mountain and they'll take you through the preparation stage step by step. All you have to do is live the dream, observing the Alps from on high as only eagles and other large birds of prey do, until you land further downhill. And we'll be taking plenty of close-up shots to capture the amazement on your face!
Summer is the perfect time for an adrenaline-inducing rapids ride in complete safety for the whole family. Our guides will be there for you every step of the way on this adventure: helping you with dressing and with trials in calm water, until the time comes to head off on a spectacular and breathtaking ride down the rapids through the mountain gorges. The power of the water, the speed and the incredible sound of the river between the rock walls, the pleasure of the physical effort it takes to paddle, and the happiness you feel from being part of a team will all make this a totally incredible and unforgettable experience.
The mountains in summer are a cyclist's paradise. If you're experienced, passionate and well-trained, you can try your hand at the most challenging and spectacular trails. But there's also the Val Veny and Val Ferret, with magical trails for all ages and all levels of ability that are perfect for families too. As you continue on your bike ride, you'll be treated to magnificent views of Mont Blanc, Aiguille Noire du Peuterey and the Brenva and Miage glaciers. We organise half-day bike tours with expert guides for you, so that absolutely everyone can really enjoy a bike ride at the foot of the Alps. You can choose the mountain bike you like best, or go for an e-bike with pedal assist that will give you an extra, totally silent boost when you need one, allowing you to relax and enjoy the pleasure of cycling through nature.